Pringles cans: Trash


Pringles cans go in the trash.

Do you like Pringles? After eating them all up and licking your fingers, what do you do with the cans? Throw them in the trash? Well actually, there are better ways to reuse them. You can make Valentine rockets for someone you care about. This fun DIY idea helps keeps a content you and a content Earth.


Valentine Rockets

1) Pringles can

2) Construction paper

3) Glue

4) Scissors

5) A secret message and/or candy

6) Other decoration materials (optional)


1) Clean the cap of the Pringles can.

2) Cut enough construction paper to wrap up the whole Pringles can.

3) Glue the construction paper on the can.

4) Decorate the can as you wish.

5) Write your secret message and put it in the can with the candy.

Happy (early/late) Valentine's Day!