Bin: Trash

Styrafoam can come in many shapes and sizes from packaging to cups. It is easily brittle and can be crushed into tiny materials that do not decompose for a long time. Styrafoam usually is white and brick based but it can come in many colors.


Styrafoam has many uses such as packaging. It helps to keep objects safe and helps them to not break easily. Styrafoam is very useful for keeping things intact and warm too which is why styrafoam cups are bought a lot. Although Styrafoam is useful it isn't decomposable which harms the environment.

​Styrafoam cups usually go in the landfill, so lets try to make use of them. Make your own styrafoam potting plant!

​1. Clean out the styrafoam cup, make sure no harmful materials are in it.

​2. Poke a small hole in the bottom of the cup with a pencil.

​3. Fill the cup 3/4 of the way with soil

​4. Place the cup on top of another cup and tape it half-way so the bottom of the cup with soil in it isn't touching the cup below it

​5. Place a seed in the middle of the soil push it down gently

​6. Water your new potting plant!