Save your coffee K-cups! You can make a special snowflake memory with it!

Materials: 1. White K-Cup cleaned with filter removed

2. Small hole puncher

3. Ruler, scissors, pencil

4. Tacky glue

5. Any type of thin thread

6. Decorations (optional)

7. Snowflake hole puncher (optional)

8. A picture of someone (should not be larger than the bottom of the k-cup) 


1. Cut the top off of the K-cup.

2. Use the ruler to measure 3/4” increments making hash marks with the pencil around the top of the K-cup

3. Cut slits in the K-cups using the scissors along the pencil marks.

4. Open up the K-cup so that it is flat 

5. Decorate as you wish!

6. Cut the corners off of the flaps so they are round.

7. Use the tacky glue to glue the picture onto the bottom of the k-cup