Soap bars that are too old are usually disposed of. However, this is harmful to the environment.

While some bath products are made with all organic ingredients such as coconut oil and shea butter, some soap is made out of chemicals that can be harmful to the environment when disposed of. Many people commonly throw away soap bars that were too small or too gooey to use. While this is the most logical conclusion that most people can think of, it is not healthy for our environment. This article explains a green way to rethink everyday life while reusing limited resources.

Reusing soap bars is a task that requires heat and a knife. Make sure this procedure is performed under adult supervision.

In preparation for this procedure, save up about 5-6 pieces of soap bars that are too small to use. Melt one soap bar in a small metal dish or pot that is not used for dining. Stir while the soap is heating and when the first bar is completely melted, add in the second bar. Keep repeating this procedure until all the pieces of soap you are planning on using are completely melted. The high temperature does not just fuse the different soap bars together, it also kills certain fungi that may have acquired over months of leaving the soap in damp conditions.

At this point, you are ready to cool and mold the soap. If you already have soap molds, you can use those, but if you don’t, you can leave the soap to cool in the pot to cool and trim off the edges with a knife after it has hardened. If left at room temperature, the soap will cool and be ready to use within 5-6 hours.