There are many ways to reuse the things we think are trash.

What does it mean to reuse?

When we reuse items, we are using items over and over again. By doing so, we are reducing the amount of waste as well. What better way to make our Earth a greener place! If you need some ideas on ways to reuse items, check out the links below.

Reusing Soap Bars

Styrofoam Cup Planters

Bottle cap button caps

- Plastic Bag Trash Liners

- Plastic Bottle Planters

- Plastic Cupboards

- Plastic Bottle Birdfeeder

- Sweater Lamp

- Styrofoam Platemat

- Soda Cap Candles

- Plastic Jug Watering Cans

- Tennis Ball Holders

- Clothes Hanger Chip Clips

- Tab Space Maximizer

- Sock Bun

- Paper Production

- Disposable Lunches

- Reusing Old Paint

- Valentine Rockets

- Glass Jar

- Pringles Flower Vase

- Flower Lights

- Cell Phone Holders

-The Different Ways to Use Plastic Bags

- Tin Can Drums

- Reusing Old Buttons

- Lightbulb snowman

- Jewelry Stand

- Sock Curling Hair

- Glow Stick Night Lights