Some plastic goes in the RECYCLING, such as #2 and #4, while some go in the TRASH

Let's say its a hot day. You might have thought ahead and decided to bring a water bottle. So many people all over the world buy plastic water bottles because it is cheap, quick, and affordable. But that many people make the wrong choices about where they go. Plastic water bottles go in the recycling but so many put them in the trash. Plastics take a very long time to decompose and are bad too because they emit gases such as methane as they are decomposing. So it is very important to make the right choice about where they go and put them in the recycling. This is the same for other plastics unless otherwise said on the packaging.

Did you know...

If you need some extra change and have an extra water bottle, taking it to a recycling facility can get you 5 cents! This is the same for metal cans too.

---> depends on your location