Light bulbs: Trash

Old light bulbs go into the trash and can be toxic. These snowman ornaments are perfect to decorate your Christmas tree and help save the Earth from toxic waste production.


1. Black sharpie

2. Clear glitter

3. Liquid glue

4. Light bulbs

5. Brush


1. Cover the light bulb in liquid glue using a brush.

2. Sprinkle the clear glitter on top of the glue.

3. Wait for the glitter and glue to dry.

4. Draw eyes, a nose, and the mouth of the snowman using the sharpie.

Congratulations! You have made a snowman!

If you want to hang your ornament on a tree, try this out:

1. Take a string and make a loop.

2. Glue the thinner part of the string on the back of the light bulb.

3. Hang onto a Christmas tree!

*Team Ecomedia recommends that you dispose of your light bulbs annually to prevent toxic waste leak