Straw Hats: Compost 

Cloth Hats: Trash  

Hats help us protect us from the sun and they are really important in some people's lives. People wear all sorts of hats from big to small, from colorful to plain. But where do hats get thrown away? 

It depends on what the hat is really made of. If it is a straw hat, you can probably reuse it as straw and can make a nice display in your house. However, if it completely broken, take out any piece of cloth and throw away the hat in the compost. If your hat is made of felt, leather, or any other piece of cloth, then you will have to put it trash because cloth can not break down and needs to be put in the landfill. But try other alternatives to reduce the waste such as reusing it. You can donate to Goodwill if it is still in good condition or give it to someone who might want it. If it is torn up, you can use pieces to make different DIYs from scrunchies, to pencil grips, to just cutting up squares for a quilt. Also, like straw hats, they might make a nice display for your house, but the main thing is to consider ways you can help make a greener earth.