This is the prequel to the first Fabric Factor Challenge. Procedures on this page are more challenging than the first Fabric Factor Challenge, and you should be proud to be attempting this again for the benefit of the environment.

Quality Quilts

For this procedure, you will need to have the ability to sew and the following materials...

- Needle

- Thread

- Scissors

- 10 cotton shirts

- Stuffing

*Learn to sew here

This procedure makes 1 patchwork quilt in a size that varies based on the size of cotton shirts you use. Like the previous projects, this procedure will help reduce the amount of fabric in landfills.

First, use scissors to each shirt into 12-60 squares, depending on how long you want your quilt to be.

Next, flip 2 patches so that the exterior sides are facing each other and sew together one side. Flip the exterior sides so that they are no longer facing each other.

Third, place another patch so that its exterior side is facing that of a patch that you just sewed together. Sew together one side and flip back over again.

Keep repeating this process on all of the rows and columns until you have completed the quilt.

Thank you for attempting the second Fabric Factor Challenge and making every difference you can to help the Earth.