Savvy Scrunchies

Simply take a piece of used fabric and sew around a rubber band or elastic!

Sock Savers

These easy tools are convenient for cleaning up everyday spills and addresses 2 major problems with our environment: fabric in landfills and paper towel over usage. With this quick procedure, you'll be reducing and reusing while helping the Earth in no time!

Just find an old sock that is not being used anymore, and leave it in your kitchen to clean up messes. You never know how helpful these little things can be, and how big of an impact they have on the Earth!

Peaceful Pillowcases

This fun version of hand stitched pillowcases is, like the previous procedure, successful at addressing the problem of fabric in landfills.


- 2 cotton shirts

- Needle

- Scissors

- Thread

- Pillow or stuffing

For this procedure, you will need to have basic sewing skills. First, use scissors to cut out one piece of fabric from each shirt about 2 inches longer than the size of the bellow on each edge.

Next, turn the 2 pieces of fabric so that the exterior sides are facing each other. In 3 straight lines, sew together 2 of the short sides and 1 long side of the fabric. Turn the fabric right-side out so the exterior is facing outwards again.

Lastly, put the pillow or stuffing inside the pillowcase. If you are using stuffing, make sure to sew the last side shut, but if you are using a pillow, it is optional to seal the last side.

Thank you for completing the Fabric Factor Challenge and making a difference. If you enjoyed these procedures, try Fabric Factor II.