Where does your dishware go?

Ceramics go in the TRASH

Metal Pots and Pans go in the TRASH

Ceramics are fun to buy... and fun to use. However, due to the high heat at which they are fired, they cannot melt, and therefore must be thrown in the trash. But you should make the most use of your ceramic bowls and cups, because they are very efficient and last a very long time. If you don't have use for the bowl, then donate it because at least someone else can use it. But if it is cracked then the only option is to put it in the trash unless you have a way to fix it.

Metal pots and pans go in the trash because they can not be recycled or compost.But again, there is always still the option of reusing it or donating it. Nonstick pans also have to go in the trash because food might still be soiled on it and can not be broken down in th recycling process.