Clothes go in the TRASH..

Clothes are an essential part of life; we dress warm in the winter and wear light clothing in the hot summer, and everyone has their own choices for clothing. Clothes can help express who people are and/or their ambitions or hobbies. Many people also wear costumes on occasions such as Halloween and it's always fun to see what another person might be wearing. But sadly, clothes don't go in the recycling or compost, and they usually end up going into the trash.

Let's change the landfills filled with clothes

If you are a younger sibling, you may have had to wear an older siblings piece of clothing. This is a great way to keep clothing from going to landfills, because we are reusing it again and again. When the clothes get to small to go to anyone else, you can donate it to a shelter such as Goodwill, who will take it and give it to children in need. What could be better than keeping it from going in the landfill AND giving it to someone who needs it? We can recycle and reuse this clothing, and less and less will end up in the landfills.

Newest, Latest, Eco-friendly Clothes


Plastic recyclable clothes are becoming a big hit! There is a lot of plastic in our world, but who thought that someone might actually be wearing it as a piece of clothing? These clothes are actually recyclable and they just look like normal clothes. Ask at stores in malls to find it, and have fun wearing these trendy eco-friendly clothes. Maybe your plastic bottle will become a shirt!

**Tip to remember**

Don't throw it away. Reuse. Reduce. Donate.

DIY idea

Have any extra clothes laying around in your house? Maybe they are small, don't fit, or just aren't to your liking. Try some DIY ideas with clothes and make new ones. You can turn big shirts into dresses, or sew a quilt; the possibilities are endless with DIY clothes! This is a wonderful way to rethink the uses of your clothes and bring out your inner creativity.

Another idea, the "Sweater Lamp" (found in the Reuse page of this wikia) is a great way to reuse your sweaters. Check it out! ---- Sweater Lamp