Where do Batteries go?

In a Battery Recycling facility! Batteries power a lot of our everyday devices, from T.V. remotes to flashlights, and they have so many uses in our lives. But batteries aren't good at one thing, and that's keeping an environmentally friendly earth, especially due to the toxicity that they produce. That, of course, can change if we make the right decisions on how to throw them away. If you think that batteries go in the trash, you are actually wrong. Many people mistake batteries for trash when they should really be safely dealt with and deposited at a battery recycling facility. Batteries contain a lot of toxic chemicals, such as mercury, which can be very harmful to the environment if it ends up in a landfill. Change our waste from toxic to clean by throwing your batteries at a battery recycling facility!

Closest facilities to you:

Call 2 Recycle is a great way to know where to recycle your batteries. Just enter a location and with just a click, you can see all the places you can recycle your batteries.

~~Tip to Remember~~

Batteries have their own home. They don't go in the trash, recycling, or compost!

DIY ideas

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