Where does Aluminum go?

If the aluminum foil, tray, or pie plate is soiled with food- TRASH. If not- RECYCLING.

Aluminum cans- RECYCLING

Aluminum is one of our precious metals because it is so efficient, durable, and it makes up a lot of the items we use everyday. Aluminum foil is also especially widely used because it's easy to wrap food in it like a sandwich or other items, and it doesn't rip so easily. Parties, potlucks, or other occasions are bound to have aluminum lurking around, from packaged food, or an aluminum bowl to put the chips or other snacks in it. You can find aluminum on the Periodic Table of Elements (under the name AL) and it's not a surprise so many of our things is made of aluminum, as it is actually the 3rd most abundant substance in the world! But at times aluminum isn't as recyclable as so many people think. Aluminum that is soiled with food can't go in the recycling because of cooking oils that can not be broken down in the recycling process. That means that contaminated foil trays, pie plates, and foil have to go in the trash. But if we thoroughly clean it, then some recycling centers do accept the foil. If you are thinking about aluminum cans, don't worry because they go in the recycling. We should always be aware of what we are doing and how it might affect the environment.

What can you do? Tips to help reduce landfill

Let's say you are a busy person. You might not have time to clean out the foil that you use, so it may have to go in the landfill. But if you still care about the environment, there are still eco-friendly ways to package your items. Instead of aluminum sheets, try Tuppaware, as it is durable and reusable. You can always find some other packaging material that suits your needs but helps the environment as well.

Tip to remember where it goes


Dirty = Trash

Clean = Recycling


- Aluminum foil is bendable, so why not make some cool sculptures out of it. Simply bend it to your liking and there is your work of art!

- If you don't have your own cupcake liners, try using foil instead!

- Use aluminum bottle caps to make a bracelet!

- Use aluminum cans to play a small game of bowling!