Batteries and Plastic Bottles go in the trash

Batteries+Plastic Water Bottles=Dumbells

For jocks and doctors alike, this quick homemade workout tool will help reduce the waste produced in the world. Batteries are not recyclable and cannot go to landfills due to their toxicity. Some plastic is not recyclable, thus some plastic bottles go to the landfill and take a millennia to decompose. Here's a quick way to combine these 2 reusable materials to create a fun and efficient weight-training tool we call the "green-bell".


1 plastic water bottle with no leaks

Batteries are toxic and are of no use once they are over. This DIY idea is great to help the environment.

5-30 batteries (depending on skill level and battery weight)


  1. Twist the cap off the water bottle.
  2. Fill the water bottle with desired amount of batteries based on skill level. Make sure the water bottle can hold the battery's weight and will not leak.
  3. Twist the cap back onto the water bottle.

*You are recommended to replace the water bottle and batteries every month to prevent toxic substance leaks